Own production

Even today, our textile production process is still entirely in our own family-run hands. We are part of a network with our own production plants in Turkey and Egypt - very close to all processes, involved in all decisions and part of the supply chain. This allows us to meet our very high standards for sustainable materials and their ecological production.

Our claim - our responsibility

  • Our values

    Respect, recognition and Trust is our values, that we value and live.

  • Human rights

    In all of our production We guarantee processes no Child labor.

  • Our environment

    As part of the global community We take responsibility for protecting our environment.

  • Our products

    A high quality standard It is our obligation to produce products sustainably with the greatest care.


LIVING SOUL Intoxicating, passionate, feel-good, supportive – us, you and All users of our products feel this in every shared second

Our family business was founded in 1933 by Hugo Pahl and is still family-run today. The quality and high value of our
Products have contributed significantly to our success. Through our own development,
Fully integrated production, innovative products and quick adaptation to the changing market and good service made it possible to open up new markets. At the Pahl weaving mill you will find the highest product and design quality. The constant tracking and
Implementing new trends, innovations and styles are our obligation.
We place very high demands on our materials and their ecological production. Many years of experience, combined with constant further developments in the field
Function, durability and environmentally friendly production offer our customers a
Maximum economic efficiency. Constant quality controls, the competence and that
Employee commitment is the key success factor here
this high performance promise.
Our goal is to meet our demanding needs with our range of products and solutions
Customers to create the best quality and service. We can do all of this through a strong
Implement network.